DAKOTACARE: North Sioux City

Local Hospitals & Medical Centers

We understand that access to local healthcare providers, facilities and pharmacies is important to our health insurance plan members in the North Sioux City area. Therefore, all of DAKOTACARE’s health care plans include access to the most comprehensive South Dakota provider network offering over 7,600 medical providers in more than 200 communities. This network encompasses 100% of the hospitals and over 98% of the providers and pharmacies across our great state. It also includes many other types of providers, such as psychologists, chiropractors, optometrists, surgical centers, DME and home health suppliers, and treatment centers, just to note a few. With participation like that, health care professionals are better able to collaborate and communicate about the health needs of their patients. DAKOTACARE’s managed care activities are carried out in a manner that recognizes and respects the privacy of the patient/physician relationship.

DAKOTACARE also contracts with several other national and regional health networks offering members access to more than 500,000 providers, 4,700 facilities and 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. These national travel networks of providers allow members traveling outside of their local service area, and dependent children attending college in another state, the ability to utilize their health benefits even when they are away from home. Learn more about our national travel network.

This kind of extensive access allows DAKOTACARE members the ultimate freedom of choice in healthcare services for themselves and their families. Our local network directory allows you to locate a provider, facility or pharmacy in the North Sioux City area, with just a few clicks.